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Family of a child is the major source of socialization of the child. A child spends the intial years of his life among its parents therefore they are the major source of learning for a child. The overall performance of a child depends upon the training they get from their parents. It is a fact that those childern make more achievements in their educational career, who get proper attention from their parents than those childern who are neglected by their parents. Parents should be aware of how to sicalize their childern, how to take care of them, how to educate them considering the best steps helpful for their education and many more.
We have a responsibility to work with parents to help them to successfully support their childern with their studies. we help parents to make their childern responsible so that they could cope with the life's challenges.

Please download the Book Solutions (Keys) through the download link given with each title.

S.No. Title Name Size Download
1. S-Sanjivani KEY-1 red 5443 KB Download
2. S-Sanjivani KEY-1 9503 KB Download
3. S-Sanjivani KEY-2 6039 KB Download
4. S-Sanjivani KEY-3 9894 KB Download
5. S-Sanjivani KEY-4 8560 KB Download
6. S-2132 Tree top-2 2670 KB Download
7. S-2162 Evs-2nd 4068 KB Download
8. S-6112 Amrit Kalsh 2nd (two chapter) 429 KB Download