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‘MITR Books International (P) Limited’ publishes School Text Books for students up to the 8th standard. They also publish Olympiads, story books and other general books. Our long term plans include the expansion of our text book range up to 12th standard alongwith competitive exam books for the children of age group from 5 years to 18 years.

Why Mitr?

Committed to Excellence Committed to Excellence
Committed to Excellence
High Standards of Publishing High Standards of Publishing
High Standards of Publishing
Regular Monitoring of Content Regular Monitoring of Content
Regular Monitoring of Content
Modern Approach Modern Approach
Modern Approach

New Releases

पुष्पांजली - 2 ISBN : 978-93-86326-33-1 Rs.150 Rs.135
CREATIVE HANDS - 5 ISBN : 978-93-86326-31-7 Rs.295 Rs.266
Creative Minds - A ISBN : 978-93-86326-16-4 Rs.154 Rs.139
Life Mantras 4 ISBN : 978-93-88389-04-4 Rs.150 Rs.135

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Motivational Quotes

  • A room without books is like a body without a soul.

    - Marcus Tullius Cicero
  • I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.

    - J.K Rowling
  • We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too.

    - Anonymous


  • 'Tree Top' is one the best series of English Language. It provides knowledge of English language in an easy and interesting way. it takes learner to an amazing journey of all four skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing. Special section of 'life skill' helps students to introspect themselves with their day to day life.

    - Geeta Verma
  • 'Tree Top' series provides an excellent learning of English Language. The series focuses on every section of a literature book through its various sections like Spell Right, Grab the Grammer, Listen & Learn etc. variation in activities makes learning delightful alongwith eye catching pictures.

    - Snehlata
  • 'Tree Top' MCB is fablous series of English literature. Its lessons arouse curiosity in students. The series is enriched with activities to linguistic learning of the students in a playful manner. Simple language helps in easy grasping for students.

    - Monica
  • 'Tree Top' series of English presents carefully planned and interesting lessons, exercises, activities etc. Moreover, the exercises are graded according to the mental level of the students. Alongwith the textbook enhances linguistic fluency, vocabulary and grammatical knowledge of the readers.

    - Narender Vashishtha
  • 'Little Genius' series provides a factual knowledge of Science subject to the learners. The series brilliantly deals with theoretical and practical aspects of facts. Concepts are brilliantly explained through pictures. Activities given are ing such a fun way that it makes teaching-learning process interesting.

    - Geeta Verma
  • 'Little Genius' Science series is enriched with amazing sicentific facts. The textbook connects the learner to the real world. 'Pictorial Flow Chart' at the end of each chapter helps students in recapitulating the facts learned in the Chapter.

    - Virender Singh
  • 'Little Genius' presents wonderful series of science. It is based on 'learning by doing method' that makes active involvement of the learners. Its 'Let's Know More' section provides extra knowledge to learners. The series deals with lively learning of Science subject.

    - Narender Vashishtha
  • 'Little Genius' is one of the best series of science. It focuses on both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. Experiments relate students to the real world, develop their analytical and logical thinking, raise curiosity in them and provides fun learning.

    - Dr Jasbir Grover
  • 'Voyage' is the fabulous series of Social Studies. The textbook takes learner on an amusing voyage of history, Civics, Geography and Economics. Special sections of 'An Extramile' and 'Let us Meet' motivate Learners.

    - Geeta Verma
  • 'Voyage' presents the study of the world in an amazing way. It encompasses every sphere of the subject in easy and delightful way. It focuses on development of cognitive and analytical ability of students.

    - Snehlata
  • 'Voyage' is one of the best series in Social Studies. It is related to the day-to-day life of childern. Easy Language, realistic pictures, various activities help in better understanding. The series also arouse sense in childern to preserve our cultural heritage.

    - Sumit Jangra
  • 'Voyage' Series aims to introduce students to our world. The journey is amusing alongwith gathering knowledge. The series assists students to develop their cognitive ability and learn values.

    - Monica