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about us

We at ‘MITR Books International (P) Limited’ perceive books as the inexhaustible & immortal treasure house of knowledge, wisdom and experience that guide the sapling minds to excellence and the pinnacle of glory. We started our journey in 2013 with all humility and purpose of upholding the standards of publishing books to contributing our might towards enlightening the young sapling masses. We have always resorted to highly professional authors and editors who possess deep insights into the modern pedagogies and research methodologies.

To ensure that the efforts put in by authors bear the sweetest fruits, we train and deploy genuinely talented designers and technicians for a systematic and pictorial presentation of contents. Moreover, due and diligent importance is given to incorporate the latest innovations happening in the IT sector, especially, the way it is facilitating its research, collaboration & digital learning programmes. And for these endeavors that we have expanded our ambit into many states reaching thousands of schools across the country.

‘Even the best can be bettered’ will remain our guiding motto always.

At ‘MITR Books International (P) Limited’, we make it our business to understand the needs of both students and teachers. For students, text books and CD-ROMs are designed to enhance learning. For teachers, we have e-books and support books, which serve as valuable companions for effective hands-on interactive teaching.

Our work environment is informal yet transparent and thoroughly professional. We provide broad range of opportunities and fast career growth to boost the talented and self-motivating individuals.

One best book is equal to hundred good friends but one good friend is equal to a library.