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‘Every teacher should realise the dignity of his calling’ Today, teachers are viewed as a gifted few who possess not only the knowledge but the desire and wisdom to perform within difficult constraints. Teaching is the most noble of all professions. By studying the sciences, developing love and sensitivity for the arts and recreating the histories, the individuals can progress beyond themselves. The responsibility of passing on this knowledge to each new generation in a manner that may be remembered, assimilated and implemented upon, only belongs to a teacher. We endeavor to empower the teacher through Teacher’s Resource Books, E-books for visual texts, Web Support with Test Papers, Work Sheets and Answer Keys.

Please download the Book Solutions (Keys) through the download link given with each title.

S.No. Title Name Size Download
1. S-Sanjivani KEY-1 red 5443 KB Download
2. S-Sanjivani KEY-1 9503 KB Download
3. S-Sanjivani KEY-2 6039 KB Download
4. S-Sanjivani KEY-3 9894 KB Download
5. S-Sanjivani KEY-4 8560 KB Download
6. S-2132 Tree top-2 2670 KB Download
7. S-2162 Evs-2nd 4068 KB Download
8. S-6112 Amrit Kalsh 2nd (two chapter) 429 KB Download