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We at ‘MITR Books International (P) Limited’ are responsible to our children, teachers and principals to the environment we inhabit, and to the society we serve. We are further committed to the development of strong ties with schools and children who are our encompasses for producing authentic and result oriented books. Through our books, we hope to reach children directly and have a positive effect on the quality of their learning experiences. At MITR Books International (P) Limited, our mission is to provide active partnership in Shaping Nation through Education.


MITR Books International (P) Limited publishes School Text Books for students up to the 8th standard, story books and other general books. Our long term plans include expanding our text book range up to 12th standard and publish story books and other general books for the children of age group from 3 years To 18 years.

Digital Learning

Staying upbeat with the current technological advances, MITR Books International (P) Limited provides a range of e-books and animated media suitable for digital learning. A number of books published by MITR Books International (P) Limited are now available as e-books and animated media.
All our remaining new and upcoming books will also be available as e-books and animated media. These digital books are smart-board enabled to provide a better and smarter learning.